Matt Slater
Fine Art Photographer

Colorado native Matt Slater briefly considered studying sculpture when offered a scholarship to Arizona State University, but decided to follow in his father's footsteps as an architect. After receiving Bachelor of Environmental Design and Masters of Architecture degrees from the University of Colorado, Matt continued to study art, both for his love of it and the benefits that drawing and visual conception skills brought to his architectural projects. While practicing architecture, Matt’s talent for capturing the subtle beauty of his surroundings through photography emerged, and he honed his skills mentoring from old-time traditional 35mm photographers.

After working 20 years as a commercial architect, Matt sold his partnership and shifted his focus to photography. Matt flourished shooting commercial photographs of buildings and construction sites. Matt also began shooting fine art photographs focusing on the unexpected and whimsical in nature, serene and foreboding landscapes and Denver landmarks. After buying property in Montana, he became fascinated with the ranching and started photographing his neighbors’ round-ups and brandings. Now his favorite subject, Matt travels to ranches across the west to focus his lens on scenes that most people never get to experience.

Matt’s photographs are intimate, and often unusual viewpoints. A focus on a cowboy’s well-worn boots manages to eloquently tell his story. A herd of cows line up against a rail with quizzical expressions. A solitary park bench in the now evokes thoughts of those who last sat there. A landmark building is preserved forever in a uniquely lit moment. His photos are not static - although giving the impression of movement they also impart a feeling of stillness and calm. People view Matt’s photographs and find a connection to a place, subject or feeling.

Shooting in film rather than slides or digital for the richness and texture it provides, he uses color or black and white based on how the image appears in his mind. Matt does not touch up or alter the images; they are printed in their natural state as they were shot, but often include elements in technique that cause them to look like an artist create them with pencil or paint. Many of Matt’s black and white prints are created using an old technique of soaking silver gelatin into fiber based paper that when processed imparts the feeling of a charcoal drawing.

Matt photographs have shown at small galleries in Colorado and Montana, including his own gallery in Denver. He exhibits in art shows across the west and provides commercial stock photography. Images are available as originals or limited editions of 250.